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charles bronson

Alternative Therapy Playlist
Show #430
“Death Wish II”

Iggy Pop – It’s Nice To Be Dead
Jeff Buckeley – Eternal Life
Queen – Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to….
Jimi Hendrix – I Don’t Live Today
Nirvana – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge
Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died
George Harrison – Out Of the Blue
King Crimson – Fallen Angel
Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
Everclear – Heroin Girl
David Bowie – The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
One Day As A Lion – Last Letter
The White Stripes – St James Infirmary Blues
John Fahey – Hope Slumbers Eternal
Drive-By Truckers – Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
Elliot Smith – A Fond Farewell
Neko Case – Don’t Forget Me
X – Come Back To Me
Chris Isaak – The End of Everything
Lucinda Williams – Drunken Angel
Bee Gees – New York Mining Disaster 1941
Johnny Rivers – Oluo Anu (Return of the Dead)
Rufus Wainwright – In A Graveyard
Elvis Costello – God’s Comic
Stan Ridgway – Calling Out To Carol
William Shatner – You’ll Have Time
James Brown – Doing It To Death

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