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Alternative Therapy Playlist 12-27-2008
Show #395
Guns N Roses – Better
Kings of Leon – Crawl
Arctic Monkeys – I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor
Iggy & The Stooges – Shake Appeal
The Hives – You Dress Up For Armageddon
The Kinks – Destroyer (request)
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – The Heavenly Music Corp.
David Bynre & Brian Eno – Strange Overtones
U2 – Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World
Paul Simon – Another Galaxy
Talking Heads  Houses in Motion
Brian Eno – Third Uncle
Devo – Gut Feeling
Mick Ronson – Slaughter On 10th Avenue
The Lights – Victims of the Pleasure of the Sense of Hearing
Blowupblow – Sunshine On The Front Line, Part 1
The White Stripes – Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
New York Dolls – Jet Boy
The Hold Steady – Your Little Hoodrat Friend
Television – See No Evil
Link Wray – Jack The Ripper
Spin Doctors – What Time Is It?/Off My Little
The Who – Eminence Front
Nirvana – You Know You’re Right (request)
The Black Keys – Psychotic Girls (request)
James Brown – Make It Funky

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