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Welcome to Alternative Therapy Playlists! Alternative Therapy has hosted by Mad Doctor Matt since February of 2000. It is broadcast – live – every Saturday night from 8-10PM PST on KHSU-FM 90.5 Arcata; KHSR 91.9 Crescent City/Brookings and KHSG 89.9 Garberville

You listen to a live stream of the show at


  1. Dear Doctor, Please consider using my website as a LINK to your website. YOUR website IS a LINK on my Website…for sure !
    What happened to all those Hot Tub Parties you promised everyone all those interminable years ?
    I had a great time sitting in for you on ‘Alternative Therapy’ recently, and I do hope that the conference you attended where you addressed the distinguished assemblage with your topic, “Organ Street Selling Smarts In These Modern Days Of Creative Medicinal Therapy” went well…
    Dan Wargo
    P.S. I play your Promos all the time.

  2. Thanks for the Kate! True art.

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